Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jace's 6th letter

Lots of new letters posted... keep scrolling down after this one. I will try harder to post more. more often.

written on: October 13, 2010

Hello Mother and family! Its fine that you are forgetting about me for good reasons:) jk. I am so happy that your remodeling the house mom its going to be beautiful! You have the greatest Dad/Brother in the world. Tell them thanks and that i miss them all. As of today we have 2 and half weeks in the MTC! :) what? time freaking flies and i dont even know what to do about it! No word on the VISA'S. There might be a good chance we get re-assigned to the states for a while. :( pray like crazy that it will come please. The spanish is honestly so so hard. I am greatful for the things i have learned but there are so much more i need to learn. lets just say i do not feel even close i mean no where even close to leave this place even tho i am ready:) Haha the tapes are funny. I have more to send you and i hope that you will send me one soon!
I should probably get your package today but i dont know. I want to thank you for all that you have done it really means a lot to me. The weather here is getting really cold. like 40's-50"s everyday. its all good the sweaters are saving my life:) That was nice of the bishop, tell everyone hello and i really do appreciate all they do for you guys and me:)
The cabin sounds like it was so much fun and i am so jealous of alll the fun, but o well the mtc is so much better;) haha ok i lied but i really do enjoy it a lot. Tell all the family every single one that i love them all so much. Hahah my cute little Baby Stella is almost crawling? I am going to cry! I miss all you like crazy but i think i miss her the most! HA sorry everyone! Tell grady happy birthday and that he better treat taigen right or i will kill him! seriously tho!
Sam and Kyrsten! You two little cuties, i love you all so much and miss you everyday. I am so happy things are going well, i hope school is going well and that your working hard to get good grades. sam good luck with work i hope that all is well and that your making bank:) love you all good luck with everything!
Taigs! I love you so much and miss you every day. I hope you had fun in colorado and that your having fun with school and everything else. Always do whats right and know that Heavenly Father loves you so much! Always turn to Him everyday and give Him thanks! love you!
Taryn, Ryan, and Stella! I love you all so much and miss you! I hope school is going good ryan? Keeep working hard and know that your almost done then you can start making bank:) cheer on that #1 team in the nation. Buckeyes! ha yeah we have our resources in here:) Taryn and Stella:) I love both of you so much! keep loving each other so much and grow to be big and healthy! love you all good luck with everything!
Mother! i miss you so so much! your my most favorite person in the world! Definition of missionary: one who leaves his family for two yrs so that other familys have be together for ever" thats so awesome! i am here to do that:) but i love you so so much and hope all is well. keep having fun and Know that DAD is always with you:) He loves you and wants the best for you.
I love P-Day, i am going to get to see dad today! I am going to the Temple and i am so so so excited:) Hmmm something new in the MTC. IDK why he did this but he did. President Nelson my mission Pres from here called me to be "ZONE LEADER"? what? hahahha idk whats going on here! i am greatful and will try my hardest to do my best. please keeep me in your prayers and especially my district and zone! Elder clark and Abbott are helping me out.
Elder Jace Hansen
Negom :)

Jace's 5th letter

written on: October 6, 2010

Mother and my Familia!
Well honestly i am tired and kinda lost again! Elder Robbins who switched missions then came back? well he found out yesterday he is going to Louisiana! so last night at 8 we did his wash got him packed and we had to take him to the front dest at 3 a.m. haha we didn't sleep at all like 2 hrs at most. we love him and will miss him but i am and we are all proud of him and his example!
Confrence was so amazing, i loved every talk! i took notes on every single speaker for every session? wow amazing i know.
I am so happy that you are getting the carpet and having so much fun just going for it all now, thats what you need to do and when its all finished have the satisfaction of saying dang my house looks good! :) I am so happy taigen had so much fun and i bet she looked so beautiful! thats so nice of jared clinger he is a great man.
I am very jealous that you all went to the cabin, i knew that you were all hanging out having so so much fun. but i am happy i had such an amazing time. i love being a missionary! no i was not in the choir! i stayed here. and the prophet didn't come that time i thought he would.
hahah i hope you enjoyed my random package (the greatest thing in the world) i had nothing to send you but i hope you are enjoying the pictures and the letters. I love you so much! thank you for sending the most amazing package in the whole world. we were all so happy to get the bolivia flag so that we could rep it in our rooms. the sweaters:) i love them so much and i wore one yesterday and i wont lie... I looked HOTT hahah jk but really.
Things in the MTC that have been going on- class every day like always, gym like always, the food sucks so bad! i am ready for a change but its all good. McCall Hazen (alices friend is here) its way cool to see her and talk with her, i think she is going to DC. Um every day for the last two weeks we have just been speaking spanish in class, we killed english and cant speak it any more the rest of the time here in class. As a district and companions, we are making a goal that tomorrow english is dead for 2 yrs. its going to be so hard but its gonna be awesome. i teach my first lesson in spanish this week:) its so hard but i love it when i get it. we just try having as much fun as possible every day. we play some intense soccer games in our rooms:) bloody toes and other things come about after the game is over.
Thats so awesome that your going with all the women to the cabin! you will have so much fun and enjoy it like crazy. This just came to my mind mom... will you write me your testimony? just tell me how you feel about evertything? and make sure you type it so i can read it:)
I am so jealous and so excited you are all flying to see ryan and taryn, stella. I love them so much and stella is the most beautiful thing in the world! 6 TEETH? what she is so old now :)
Yes elder clark is my companion and now elder abbott are my companions the whole time in the mtc. its going to be hard to get used to the trio but it will be awesome. i am going to have to pray that much more to have that much more faith in everything cause its going to be weird.
Sam and kyrsten i love you all good luck with everything.
Taigen thank you so much for yours :) sorry i have no time to write you on this but i will a letter:) be good on your trip, i know you will.
Taryn ryan love you.
Mom i love you more than anything :)
Love Elder Hansen NEgom:)

Jaces 4th letter

written on: September 29, 2010

Hello familia! NEGOM:) I love all of you. Yes get a tape recorder, i got it like three weeks ago i thought it would be fun to hear your voices and so you can hear mine! The MTC is great, i mean i hit the month mark already! WOW its so not real. but its great i am starting to get sick of it but its all good. The food is so so, things are better(with you know what) :) Yea i see sofie here and there its cool.Things have super crazy here lately. Elder Robbins is back! he left relized this is where the Lord called him, and that even tho its stressful he can do it. we love him and are so happy he is back. Um the other Elder is still here, every p-day he makes a decission, so today we will see. Nothing on the VISA'S we are stuck here till nov. 1st. But you dont understand its kinda chilly here, but if you want me to freeze to death, i understand how you really feel about me:) Taigen that sounds like so so much fun! I love you and am so so proud. I hope that you are having so much fun with everything? Tell Grady hello, I hope you have so much fun at the dance! Remember CTR ALWAYS. Tell me whats been going on in life?
MOTHER! O how i love you and all your adventures! hahah. I am so happy thqat you got to go have fun with all of the woman and just be able to talk and enjoy life. Please keep having so much fun everyday. That was so nice of Taigen to go to Jason's farewell. And i guess i will see miles today? Thats awesome for Jacob I am happy for him. Speaking of Jacob, Taigen get pascoe to go to church, tell him i love him and the LORD needs him! No i dont get to sing in the choir, i will be watching all the sessions here at the MTC! I honestly am so excited, I feel like this will be really the first time that i will pay attention to every talk and hopefull recieve answers that i am looking for in my life, and also things i can help you and my district with. I am not District Leader anymore, we go for 4 weeks now my time is up. I loved it, i liked trying to help my district with things. Now Elder Waldron is the DL and he is such an amazing man! So spiritual and humble. WOW! new counter tops? your muy loco mi madre! haha your having so much fun and i love it soo soo soo much! i bet it will look great. and no i want to be surprised with my room. as long as its not girly i am fine with anything.
Tell all the grandparents i love them with all my heart! Grandpa Norman! you know what i think... its time for a little CTJT(come to jesus talk) go to chuch with my mom you would love it! Thanks for all your love and support, it means so much to me!
This week was a very spiritual and crazy week, we had mission confrence on sunday it was so amazing. I been thinking about DAD a lot, i miss him but i am so happy for him. I know he is watching over my girls, and he is with me always:) I love you dad!
Sam and kyrsten i love you i dont have time to write.
Taryn and ryan same for you.
Taigen same for you.
MOTHER i love you so so so much keep having fun and send me mail and packages. it makes my weeks so much better.
Elder Hansen NEGOM:)

Jaces 3rd letter

MOM! i love you so so much. its kinda a bummer that my visa didn't come so it means i am staying in the Provo MTC the whole rest of the time. the elder i was talking about i think is making his decision today, so its a pretty big day. also another downer that has been going on and is kinda making me sad. is elder robbins from my room is waiting today for a mission change. he says he gets to depressed from the language and what not. its going to be hard being in a trio. i love elder clark and its gonna be weird to have some one new with us. my roomates are all going to the Santa Cruz Bolivia mission. And elder clark is too. its so awesome they are amazing guys.
I love the packages so so much thank you it really does mean so much i love packages and letters more than anything. i want a package of sweaters now cause its starting to get cold and winter is almost here so i need them:) tell jodi thanks for the package it really means a lot.
I am so so happy that you had so much fun on your trip! like i said i promise you i will buy you one of those 4 million dollar homes when i get back:) i am so happy you love your car i hope that it makes you look even more beautiful than you already are. haha keep loving dodger and have fun with his peeing, pooping, bitting, etc...
Taigen! I love you so so much. You better be doing whats right. Like the ring on your finger. I miss you and think about you everyday. now that i am away from you i realized how close our relationship really was. love you tons. hope all is well with school and friends. write me and tell me whats going on in life. Negom:) keep watch on mom and you two go party and play a bit :) love you.
Sam and Kyrsten! I love you all so so much. thanks for the package it means so so much. send more MT DEW por favor :) hahha i hope that school and play are going well. tell me everything in a letter! they give us no time on these computers. good luck with your espanol and all the wonderful adventures that take place. HAVE A BABY :) NEGOM:)
Dad has been with me so many times and it truely is a blessing! I go to the temple today:) I cant wait to look up into the chandelier and see HIM :) love you all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jace's 2nd Letter

sorry they give us no time like 30 min on here tell everyone hello and that i love them all. tell the grandparents i love them and i wrote them so hopefully they got them. i need beriks address! love you all very much. Negom:)
Hello familia. I am sad to say that my VISA did not come so i am staying here in provo for 7 more weeks! i am kinda sad but i know that i am suppossed to be here for a reason. Mother I got the package of cookies thank you so much its so exciting to see a package of something. a normal day here is wake up 6:30 shower, breakfast, personal, companion, language, and MDT time from 7:30-11:30, go to lunch, gym, class, dinner, class, plan, and then go to bed! we are in class for about 14 hours a day! i really am getting used to it and its not super bad. ha its weird being a District Leader. I feel like i have to watch out for everyone now and not just me. which i do. but its good other than every sunday i have like 3 meetings. also another thing i interview my companions and see how evertything is going and its seriously so crazy whats going on in everyones lifes. we are all so unique and thats why Heavenly Father put us all together so that we could work out all the things together. one elder in my district is thinking about going home! as i have been talking with him and praying for him and giving him scriptures this and that, the other night i had a really hard time cause i feel like i am in charge and have to keep him here. but its good i think he knows whats right.
mom i am so so happy for you! you deserve that car and i hope you enjoy it so so much :) your the greatest your always showing love to everyone and i am happy your doing that for that family! also you deserve everything that your doing i am so so happy that your doing well with money and everything else. hahah and for cutting taigens bangs:) hahahhaha thats so awesome i feel bad that it happend but LOL negom:) have so much fun on your trip and be so safe i know that its gonna be a great time. keep loving dodger i am sorry that he is a biting fool. but he is just so so cute:) yes mom i feel a lot better with being sick. there was a huge bug going around here. a lot of elders got in lock down where they couldnt do anything for 5 days. so luckly i didnt have to .
Taigen your email sounds so awesome! i really am so happy for everthing that your doing always do whats right and remember who you are and what you stand for. Your hair! :) hahah sorry it will grow back. and you got your braces off i am so so happy for you. your such a beautiful young girl and i bet you look great. i miss you so much but it will be here before we know it. its already my third week how crazy! keep having fun and always be safe and help mom in everything.
Sam and Kyrsten. love you lots i hope all is well be good ppl and always be cute like you are. sorry its so short i have no time to do anything here.
Ryan, Taryn, and Stella. I love you all so so much good luck with everything in Ohio. i wrote you so it should be getting to you soon. keep telling stella how much i love and care for her. all is well here i am so greatful for this gospel its the best thing in the world! and makes me so so happy.
love you all,
Elder Hansen NEGOM :) NEGOM:)

(This is what Jace was talking about with Taigen's hair)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

1st email home- September 8, 2010

HEllo Familia the first night was fine I havent been able to sleep very well, not because i am home sick just cant sleep so o well hopefully my day will come. Yes my name tag is amazing ELDER HANSEN :) I smile everytime i look at it its amazing. My companion is ELDER CLARK from ferndale Washington! HE is awesome i feel like i have known him forever. he loves sports and pretty much is me so its so awesome we laugh together talk together and fart together:) ha my distric is awesome! i seriously was way blessed and we all get along love sports have all the same interests. um no sisters in my district but o well some in my zone. Ha well I got call to be DISTRICT LEADER on the second day so i have a lot of meeting i go too. um the food is awesome its pretty good i think i have gained 10 pounds since i have been here! i am not even kidding either. i have seen elder noorda elder clay elder hardinger elder lyons i have seen a lot of ppl o and elder albertson. Sounds like the football team sucks real bad! ha keep cheering them on for me cause they need it real bad.
Taigen! I love you so so much your the greatest little sister i could possibly ask for i know that school sucks without me but keep on having fun and doing what makes you the best. AP english sounds terrible i hated that class with a passion. but the MTC is actually not bad i am way excited to go to peru in two weeks its muy locco that its so soon. um keep being a good girl for mom and tell her you love her everyday. cause i miss that more than anything. have fun with your friends but always do whats right. tell grady hello! I love you your the greatest have a good week work hard and be cute like always! LOVE YOU.
Sam and Kyrsten! Love you guys so so much I hoipe all is well. Jackson sounds like tons of fun but way cold? I hope school is going well and Kyrsten hopefully your becoming fulent in the Espanol language? I miss you guys tons and i am so excited for your next few yrs to come! (HAVE A BABY) hahah watch out for mom and taigen and keep having fun and go crazy when you can! Thanks for the letter Kyrsten. NEGOM :) sorry i got to hurry. LOVE YOU GUYS.
MOM! I love you more than anything on this earth! Thanks for being the greatest example to me and making me who i am. The MTC is pretty good i have met some of the coolest ppl ever! My district and my zone are awesome we all love sports girls and the GOSPEL! of course. hahah. I have actually been sick for two days. :( no bueno I have sinus infection I think and i am way stuffed up and my throat hurts but i got midicine and i am starting to get better so all is well. Tell everyone i love them both sets of grandparents and aunts and uncles. My teacher is Hno. Scoville he knows Hna. Allie Bickley. so tell jodi that um i get to go to the temple today i am so happy i love that place more than anything. I hear the prophet is coming sunday :) :) i hope that is true. the language is still so so hard but its coming along. i can say my testimony and pray a little bit but its really hard. i feel like i have no time to do anything here hahha. all is well in PROVO land. tell everyone hello and give LOVES to dodger:) i will write you all letters and tell you more.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A new chapter

Jace will leave in the morning for Bolivia. We are so proud of him and the accomplishments he has made in the short two months he has been a Missionary. Unfortunately Jace was unable to get his visa in time to go to the Peru MTC in September like had been planned, but through a series of unknown events to us, Jace says he knows it was for a purpose that he was left in Provo.

I am so excited to be able to share with family and friends both letters and pictures from Jace through this blog. In the next few weeks there will be much to catch up on; from his mission call to now.

I plan on printing this blog into a book when he gets home, so the more to add the merrier. Please feel free to add anything you would like for him to remember about these last few special months.