Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jace's 6th letter

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written on: October 13, 2010

Hello Mother and family! Its fine that you are forgetting about me for good reasons:) jk. I am so happy that your remodeling the house mom its going to be beautiful! You have the greatest Dad/Brother in the world. Tell them thanks and that i miss them all. As of today we have 2 and half weeks in the MTC! :) what? time freaking flies and i dont even know what to do about it! No word on the VISA'S. There might be a good chance we get re-assigned to the states for a while. :( pray like crazy that it will come please. The spanish is honestly so so hard. I am greatful for the things i have learned but there are so much more i need to learn. lets just say i do not feel even close i mean no where even close to leave this place even tho i am ready:) Haha the tapes are funny. I have more to send you and i hope that you will send me one soon!
I should probably get your package today but i dont know. I want to thank you for all that you have done it really means a lot to me. The weather here is getting really cold. like 40's-50"s everyday. its all good the sweaters are saving my life:) That was nice of the bishop, tell everyone hello and i really do appreciate all they do for you guys and me:)
The cabin sounds like it was so much fun and i am so jealous of alll the fun, but o well the mtc is so much better;) haha ok i lied but i really do enjoy it a lot. Tell all the family every single one that i love them all so much. Hahah my cute little Baby Stella is almost crawling? I am going to cry! I miss all you like crazy but i think i miss her the most! HA sorry everyone! Tell grady happy birthday and that he better treat taigen right or i will kill him! seriously tho!
Sam and Kyrsten! You two little cuties, i love you all so much and miss you everyday. I am so happy things are going well, i hope school is going well and that your working hard to get good grades. sam good luck with work i hope that all is well and that your making bank:) love you all good luck with everything!
Taigs! I love you so much and miss you every day. I hope you had fun in colorado and that your having fun with school and everything else. Always do whats right and know that Heavenly Father loves you so much! Always turn to Him everyday and give Him thanks! love you!
Taryn, Ryan, and Stella! I love you all so much and miss you! I hope school is going good ryan? Keeep working hard and know that your almost done then you can start making bank:) cheer on that #1 team in the nation. Buckeyes! ha yeah we have our resources in here:) Taryn and Stella:) I love both of you so much! keep loving each other so much and grow to be big and healthy! love you all good luck with everything!
Mother! i miss you so so much! your my most favorite person in the world! Definition of missionary: one who leaves his family for two yrs so that other familys have be together for ever" thats so awesome! i am here to do that:) but i love you so so much and hope all is well. keep having fun and Know that DAD is always with you:) He loves you and wants the best for you.
I love P-Day, i am going to get to see dad today! I am going to the Temple and i am so so so excited:) Hmmm something new in the MTC. IDK why he did this but he did. President Nelson my mission Pres from here called me to be "ZONE LEADER"? what? hahahha idk whats going on here! i am greatful and will try my hardest to do my best. please keeep me in your prayers and especially my district and zone! Elder clark and Abbott are helping me out.
Elder Jace Hansen
Negom :)

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